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What's the Point?

Who's behind Access Film Music?

How can I perform at Access Film Music?

What's the Deal?

Is Access Film Music part of the Sundance Film Festival?

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What's the Point?

Access Film Music gives musicians a chance to present their talent to the film community. Music and film are inseparable. The artists performing during the showcase will present fresh and original music and entertainment at an event that focuses on connecting musicmakers with filmmakers.

Who's behind Access Film Music?

In 2003, an independent songwriter and recording artist named Burt Hurner conceived an event called the Radical Rat Café as an opportunity for deserving independent recording artists and songwriters to present their original music to the film industry.

Partnering with Mike Beck and Big Ugly Music & Media, the first Radical Rat event was held on January 22, 2004 and featured a single evening of performances by six musical artists. Interest among songwriters was so strong, that our second year presented a weeklong showcase featuring 16 artists from all over the USA.

The next few years witnessed enormous growth, including blooming media coverage, ardent artist response, Showcase events lasting 2 weeks, and Annual "Sneak-Peek" Launch Parties at the Hard Rock Café in Salt Lake City. Access Film-Music lasts more days than the Sundance Film Festival, we program more (and some say better!) music than ASCAP's Music Café, and we're 100% independent. We've been fortunate to have our events and artists receive media coverage on TV, radio, newspapers from coast-to-coast, the AP Wire and national magazines.

Burt always put the artist first, with weighty emphasis on originality and independence. Burt's integrity and commitment are the lamp-posts by which our path continues to be illuminated. By serving our artists, providing them with exposure and revenue opportunities, we contribute to this creative legacy.

Burt's brother Bob brought energy and enthusiasm to the team, and Radical Rat continued to grow. Utah musician and booking agent Carl Roehmann and his Roamin' Z Productions have been instrumental in numerous aspects of our events, and Park Audio's Greg Friedman has reliably provided his expertise and engineering talents.

Burt produced the final Radical Rat event in January 2008, and moved on to make time for family and songwriting. We sustain and further Burt's vision along with his proactive, pro-artist agenda under our new name, which states unequivocally what we want you to do: Access Film-Music!

Now in our 7th year, the Access Film-Music family has grown to include Event Co-Producer James Moors and CFO Mike Bank.

We extend our deepest gratitude and appreciation to all our team members, past and present, and the sponsors and partners that supported all of our previous events: Stella Artois, Audix Microphones, Martin Guitar, Slamdance Film Festival, Pravda Music Publishing, SonicBids,, DiscMakers, Mediaport, KRCL 91FM Radio Free Utah (you are missed!), Park City Television, Roamin' Z Productions, Park–Audio, Mediaport and The Spur Bar & Grill. Thank you, and we look forward to serving you at our next event.

How can I perform at an Access Film Music Event?

Click here for information on submitting your music for consideration for upcoming Access Film-Music events. Though we prefer online submissions, it's also possible to submit your material via snail mail. Visit our "Perform" page for details.

Submitting material to Access Film-Music does not guarantee a performance at one of our events. However, all properly submitted material will be reviewed. Read our "Perform" page to see details and submission deadlines for current Access Film-Music events, showcases and opportunities.

What's the Deal?

Similar to showcases held by major music industry events like South-by-Southwest and others, the artists that perform at Access Film-Music showcases are not compensated for their performances. Artists are responsible for all of their own travel and lodging expenses.

Whenever possible, Access Film-Music strives to enhance artists' showcase opportunities with radio and television appearances and an extensive publicity effort so as to maximize the impact of this investment in their careers.

Access Film-Music's mission is to connect Music-makers with Film-makers. By facilitating this connection, musicians, songwriters, composers and recording artists have an opportunity to expand their audience and create new streams of revenue with their music.

Is Access Film Music part of the Sundance Film Festival?

No. Access Film-Music is an independent company, and our Access Film-Music Showcase is not affiliated with or sanctioned by the Sundance Film Festival or Sundance Institute.

Our independent Access Film-Music Showcase takes place during "Film Festival Week" in the second half of January. Other film-related events that take place in Park City, Utah during this intensely high-traffic period include the Sundance Film Festival, Slamdance Film Festival, the Park City Film–Music Festival, Tromadance, and several smaller film festivals and events. By my personal count, the high-point was 2005, when 17 separate film festivals were held in Park City during Film Festival Week!

For the past several years, Access Film-Music Executive Director Mike Beck has provided consulting services to the Sundance Film Festival, assisting Sundance in booking music for some secondary Sundance Film Festival venues. Consequently, Sundance has benefited from the great wealth of musical talent brought to Utah by Radical Rat and Access Film-Music, and many of these artists have played at offical Sundance events each year. Mike is once again assisting Sundance with music bookings for the 2009 Sundance Film Festival.

Through our sponsor Stella Artois, we were invited to distribute our Film-Music CD Samplers directly to Sundance Film Festival credential-holdiers at the Stella Artois' Lounge at Sundance House. We've not heard whether this will be permitted again this year, but we are striving to forge strong relationships with film festivals everywhere, and the film industry at large. We recognize that expanding and enhancing this vital conduit between music-makers and film-makers allows us to accomplish our mission and achieve success for our artists.

How can I sponsor Access Film Music?

Access Film-Music offers many great oppourtunities for sponsorship at our events throughout the year. Since we are actively involved in both the film and music communities, we provide companies many unique possibilities for promotion of their products or services.

To discuss the different levels of Access Film-Music sponsorship, please contact Mike Beck at 312–420–5306.

Can Access Film Music provide music for my film festival?

Yes. Access Film-Music is actively seeking additonal film festival opportunities for our artists. If you are connected to a film festival, and have an interest in securing exceptional live music for your opening night party, festival lounge areas or main stage locations, please contact Mike Beck at 312–420–5306.

We can also demonstrate how to create additional revenue streams and enhanced profits for your film festival, while making your event even more attractive to sponsors and the media.

Does Access Film Music need volunteers or interns?

Yes, we need VOLUNTEERS and INTERNS! Please email if you're interested. No experience necessary -- Just a passion for music, and a desire to get involved!

Questions? Call us at +1 707-722-2377 (+1 707-7ACCESS) or email